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Originally Posted by germanbosnia View Post
Haha nice to know. Hey, I have a question. I just download the weather channel app, it installed, and I didnt get any points. I also have done at least 4 offers in the past few minutes, and I haven't gotten any points for them either. Do you know why?
1)Don't do download offers, bad things can come with them
2)You are doing offers that don't credit, those with 1 star, or those that haven't credited in more than 24 hours are unlikely to credit
4)You didn't use a new name, phone number, e-mail, and address with each offer
5)You're in the wrong country

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Well if it weren't for those damn Jews we wouldn't have had the Holocaust.
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My show was so good i just HAD to go home and suck my own hermie dick.
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