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Default New Fizix Point Gainer! NOT PATCHED!

O hai thar guise. I found an alternative to Fizix Point Gainer, it's even better then fizix. And guess what? It's an firefox add-on.

First go to and look for a add-on called GreaseMonkey!

Install it and restart firefox. Now after that head to

Install it!

What it will do it will basicaly click ''Skip'' for you and the no's and the submit.

And on the Yes and No's column it will do 1 Yes and all the others No.

And it will continue No ; Submit ; Skip ; etc.

You can add more site as you go on.

Right click the monkey head >> Manage User Scripts >> Add.

There already sites added, here. But not all, so if you see that it`s not working, it`s because the site isin`t on the script and you need to add it!

These works best for 1 ; 1.5 ; 1.75 offers.

I tried this on another GPT site and it credits me well!

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