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Originally Posted by helpme123 View Post
would but meh? u cant be sure why they left u knw they may have chaged their email so there no point
I have to disagree. I went on a 6 month hiatus from Rewards1. Never changed my email.

Most of our referrals sign up, then never do any offers. There's a pretty hefty chance that a "reminder" email that is fairly persuasive could bring them back and get them start doing offers for the first time.

If Rewards1 really has a 2 million person member-base, this will do A TON of good. I know it. I have hundreds of referrals and only about 3-4 of them are active. Let's say 100 of those people changed their addresses since I've referred them. That's still about 3-400 people that will receive the message. 3-400 people that will consider doing some offers if they are persuaded in the right manner.

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