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Default PayPal Money W/ No Fees!!!!

I always wounder why every time Rewards1 send me money to my paypal account they charge a fee, but why doesn't Rewards1 send the paypal money as a "Gift", that way we don't get charge with any fee.

If Rewards1 would to do this;
-I would not have to request checks, because i would just easily transfer the paypal money to my bank account
-It's faster
-It's more secure then a check.

I request a check about over a month ago, and it never came, it was lost! They did sent out a new one, but I had to wait over a month just to get my request. If Rewards1 sent it to my paypal without any fee, I would request it to my paypal instead.

So please Rewards1, if you can, Start sending paypal money as a "Gift" so we won't get charge with any fees.

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