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Default How To: Using Prepaid Credit Cards with Paypal

Want paypal? But only have points? just order a prepaid visa/mastercard with your points and do the following.

Once you get your card/card details, head over to

- On that page, put in your card number and the pin (located on the back)

- Enter your REAL Details there. Including your Real name, Real Address, and Real Phone Number. The reason for this is if you want to buy any actual material possession with it, you're going to need that information to match yours.

- Once it's registered for online use, go to and make an account.

- When you login to PayPal go to My Account, hover over Profile, and click Add or Edit Credit Card.

- Click the "Add a Credit Card" button and enter your Information that you used to register the card with.

- Once you have that added, it will not only raise your PayPal limits (USA) but it will also allow you to use PayPal to pay for things online directly off the card.

- Whenever i did this my balance didnt raise i dont think but you can still spend the money

Some of this guide is ripped off one i saw elsewares... well atleast 65% of it

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