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Post Targeted Offers Guide

I will add more when I complete more!
(Also tell me if there are current guides for the offers I put, and I may delete mine, thank you.)


I suggest "Firefox" as your internet browser and using "Yahoo" for all the surveys below.

SurveyQlik: 0.35

1)First Clear Your Cookies and proceed with the offer.
2) Sign up with valid/real information and then hit "continue"
3) You must say "Yes" to 5 offers and then you can say no to the rest. (Yes/No)
4) Then just skip the rest or put no thanks.
5) Finally you will get to a page that says "congratulations", so then open one of the offers listed.
6) Go Back to rewards1, and refresh.
I would say this takes from 2-30minutes so watch out for the delay offer.

Jazzed 0.15 Points
1.)First Clear your Cookies then proceed with the offer.
2.)Use Valid Information
3.)Once you reach the "What is your first name?" page refresh rewards1.
Took about a minute, although rewards1 said otherwise, post review.

Remedy Life-Diabetes 0.35 Points

1.) Clear Your Cookies and Proceed with the Offer
2.) Click the banner, put in your information, submit, information again, submit and one more page of information.
3.) Continue, I recommend filling some of the easy offers out for better credit.
4.) Reach the final page, which will be, and your done. If it does not credit, click a few links on the site.
Instant Credit-2Minutes

Snuggle Offer 0.15 Points
1.) Clear your Cookies then Proceed with the Offer.
2.) Enter your valid email
3.) Fill in Valid Information
4.) Say yes to any offers/newsletters for better credit rate
5.) The Last page will then say "Thank you"

Cold Sores 0.85 Points
1.) Click the Offer, and Do Not Clear Cookies
2.) Click on one of the banners on the website
3.) Enter your valid information
4.) Click "Get the Rebate now"
5.) Click Print, then leave print open if you wish,
6.) Leave your tabs open
1-15 Minutes

MPS-Are you Unemployed 0.25 Points

1.) Clear your Cookies and Proceed with the Offer.
2.) Fill out your Zip code and answer the questions on the next few pages.
3.) Click Enter or whatever is on the button at the bottom.
4.) Continue and Fill out Valid Info & Enter.
5.) Complete any/all offers of your choice until it says "Thank you for Completing the Optional Survey."
6.) Leave your tabs open
1-5 Minutes

Consumer Rewards McD Vs BK Points 0.40
1.) Clear Your Cookies and Proceed with the offer
2.) Enter your Email (I choose Burger King for the question)
3.) Fill out your valid information, when you reach next page.
4.) Then the page after, I skipped the offer and I stopped.
5.) Keep that page open for at least 5 minutes and close
1 HOUR CREDIT or it may be overnight for some people.

Admired Opinions 0.35 Points
1.) Clear your cookies then proceed with the Offer
2.) First Page: Click the feedback button and just put in "...." then click ok.
3.)Do the surveys below and click at least one then answer the questions (most of them are bubble questions)
4.) The end will say "Check your Email" you won't need to, or I didn't anyways. Just leave the page open
Instant-10 Minutes

1.) Clear your Cookies, then Click the Offer
2.) Enter your/valid email, then wait 5 seconds before you submit.
3.) Fill in the bubbles to your choice. (I chose 4 yes and the rest no.).
5.) I skipped all the offers except 1. I submitted 1.
6.) When you get to the Silver offers page, Go back to R1, Refresh, Look at your current points,
Instant-15 Minutes

National Consumer Panel 2.50 Points

1.) Click continue "join now"
2.) Enter VALID Info (Use anybodys address if you dont want it to you)
3.) It said a email will be sent to me
4.) Confirm Email
5.) Follow Instructions
6.) When you reach the "Congratulations" (you signed up successfully for the panel)
7.) Refresh R1 after 5 minutes
5-15 Minute Credit

ThinkFast Offers (More then 1)
1.) Use NEW emails every time you do them
2.) Enter Valid information
3.) After registration do 2 offers (Refresh R1 to see if credited if not finish until you reach results page.)
1-5 Minute Credit

HRV - New Years Resolution Survey 1.00 Points
1). Submit a NEW email wait 5 seconds
2.) Enter Valid info wait again
3.) Next page click "yes" on bubbles and click submit.
4.) Refresh R1
1-10 Minutes Credit

60 Second Insurance 2.50 Points
1.) Enter car info and zip code
2.) Complete next page
3.) Enter VALID information and the bottom
4.) Pick any car insurance provider and enter VALID info at the bottom
(Click "yes" to news letter)
5.) Click on one of other insurance groups and click "No thanks, Continue"
6.) Click on the insurance provider's link
7.) Do the first page of that (Zip Code)
8.) Click on email confirmation (Might take time)
9.) Refresh R1 after a bit
PS: Took More then 1 time ;P
5-15 Minutes Credit

MFL Sarah Palin .45 Points
1.) Submit NEW email
2.) Complete registration
3.) After completion do 2 offers that have a "submit" button
4.) Reach the end
5.) Click on how many # of offers it requires you and click on a extra one
6.) Do that until you go to the bonus offers and click a couple of them
7.) And then click continue, (You should be at another website)
8.) Refresh R1
2-10 Minutes

GiftCardSurveys JCPenney .35 Points[/COLOR][/U][/SIZE]
1.) Submit a NEW email, then wait 5 seconds
2.) Fill out the easy registration, then submit
3.) Keep the Page open
4.) Refresh R1
1-15 Minutes Credit

WorldRewardsNow .40 Points
1.) Submit a NEW email wait 5 seconds
2.) Put VALID information
3.) Do the bubble survey on next page and submit
4.) Refresh R1
1-10 Minutes Credit

Ampario Surveys (Tips, More then one)
1.) Clear cookies before attempting
2.) When it asks "what other surveys have you taken" or "what industries you or a relative work in" click other or none
3.) When it doesn't ^^^ Click all of the options
4.) Let each page load fully
5.) If you didn't qualify take another survey and when you come across same question choose a different option

Instant Credit 2.00 Points

1.) Submit VALID Zip Code
2.) Enter in real car info and real info (Enter your phone #(Preferred Cellphone so your home doesnt get called))
3.) Enter in house info
4.) Call their #
5.) Receive pin & enter
6.) Thank You Page
7.) Refresh R1
ADDITIONAL INFO: You won't get CHARGED when you enter the pin because the bill on my cell phone was perfectly normal.
Instant-5 Minutes Credit

HRV $100 Godiva Giftcard for the Holidays .75 Points

1.) Submit NEW email wait 5 seconds
2.) Submit VALID Info
3.) Put "yes" for all bubbles, wait, and submit
4.) Refresh R1
1-10 Minutes

YGZ Call of Duty: Black Ops Prestige Edition .70 Points
1.) Enter NEW email and choose game for any system (wait 5 seconds)
2.) Enter VALID info
3.) Click "yes" for all bubbles, wait, and submit.
4.) 1 minute later refresh R1
2-10 Minutes

GFG - $1,000 BestBuy GiftCard 0.75 Points

1.)Clear cookies, then click on the offer
2.)Submit a NEW Email (a different email address if you have ever completed another GFG offer)
3.)Enter VALID information, and submit.
4.)Bubble in yes to all offers, continue.
1-3 Minutes Credit


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