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Originally Posted by ryuk1214 View Post
Only incompetent mexicans would.

I still sell nickels sometimes to 8th graders, and im outta high school.
nickels what the hell... who buys nickels... buying anything lower than a dime is just stupid.

EDIT: i guess if youre selling grams for a dime then a nickel would be a half gram.. which isnt that bad..if its mids.
around here mids sell for 10per gram while dank is 20.. so if you were selling a nickel of dank that would only be a 1/4 of a gram which isnt a lot at all.

i just hate people who use the terms " nickel and dime" because this can vary... you could say a nickel over here and only get half a gram and say it in california and get a whole gram.

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