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Completing offers that requires installation (the SAFE way)

Ever wanted to install a program to get credited but it wasn't worth risking the dangers?
There's a program you can use called Sandboxie.
It's an isolation program which acts as it's own process so you wouldn't be infected of viruses or spyware etc.

For more information about this program, you can read it at wiki
Direct Download:
Manual Download:

Written by myself and no one else

After completing your download, find the .exe file and open it.

Step 1: Choose your language. Click Ok.

Step 2: Proceed if you agree with the license agreement.

Step 3: Choose the directory where you want the program to be installed.

Step 4
: Upon finishing the installation, you should see a box talking about the risks of driver installation. I've installed this program 3 times on 3 different computers and have had no issues. All 3 computers were on XP and Vista. Click next.

Step 5
: You are finished! Now, find the sandboxie program and open it. It should open it's main program where everything will be stored and displayed onto that box. It will also display on your taskbar like the red squared section below:


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