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Default I'm gonna be honest (please don't troll).

I'm really unhappy with the way I am. I'm overweight and find myself sucking in my stomach all the time, which then makes my chest look bigger and it's extremely uncomfortable. When I put on the shirts I like, I just wanna go Hulk and tear them by bending my back and flexing my arms, because they feel so uncomfortable. I've wanted to lose weight before, but I'm lazy ass hell, and I don't want my grandmother to go out buying more clothes for me. It sucks especially since my brother is fit and loves to be healthy. I want to be healthy so bad, but I don't just see how someone could love exercising. It's just not my thing. Also, under my eyes are always purple so it always looks like I'm exhausted and just smoked 10 ounces of weed. But however, on to the point. I'm gonna start drinking more water, but what I wanna do with my body is lose the fat first, especially in my stomach/waistline, and then build up muscle. I would rather have some advice from you guys, rather than some articles that say the same thing on every one.
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