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Smile Hi! I have a bit of an ambitious goal

I want to raise 500 points by the 'free surveys' by the end of this year, hopefully!
Let me start off with myself. I live in Kansas and i have a younger brother who is 13.
Why do i want to raise 500 points? Well, i wont give you a big long, sad story, but about a year ago our house was in a major fire, most of it was destroyed. We lost all our furniture and alot of other things. We're rebuilding the house better, but it's taking a long time. Me and my brother were saving up for a new computer and Xbox 360, we had about 600$ in cash.
We lost all of it.
but now, maybe i can get my brother (and myself ) that 360 ad least!

Hello all, and i hope everyone here does well! :)
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