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Default Youtube ref guide for beginners

I am still new to this and I have created a way to get refs off of youtube,metacafe,dailymotion,etc. This method uses those sites.

NOTE:I am still new to this and this is a guide for beginners who are starting off and would like to get refs. I also accept tips on making this guide better.

OK now that that is taken care of I will start my guide.

Part 1: Getting known

Step1: Make an account.
make an account that normal people and not advertisers would make. make an account that describes you or something a teen would put. An example is if u are a gamer then your screen name is "extremegamer123"

Step 2: Decorate
Decorate your profile page. Don't decorate with advertisements about rewards1 but rather normal everyday stuff like happy smiles or pictures of whatever but not about advertising.

Step 3: Friends
Go around and start making friends. click add as friend on who ever you see and comment on their profile with something like ''hey im new here and i just wanna start getting friends on this site".

Step 4: Comment
comment around on videos. nice comments though so people will think your a nice guy and your one of those "everyday normal people". do that and your good to go.

Part 2: Video

Step 1: (Remember that this is for beginners) Software
Use something simple that can make videos. Use windows movie maker to make the video or if u have something better to use then use it.

Step 2: Pictures
Use lots of pictures. For everything u say in the video use a picture. If u say in the video that you can get a 360 for free then your background picture for that part is a Xbox 360. Use lots of pictures and have a picture for everything u say.

Step 3: Creativity
get as creative as u can. If u have an idea then try it out. Get very creative with your video for that will make your video look good.

Step 4: Professional
After u are done making your video watch it over again and again. Try to find your errors in the video and see if u can improve on it. This is where Step 3 really kicks in because you want to make sure your video looks like a pro did it and not some random guy who put this video together in 30min.

Step 5: Save
Save your video and not your work. You can save your work too but make sure you save it as a video.

Step 6: Disguise
Disguise your ref link. Use tinyurl to disguise your ref link or anything else that disguises links.

Step 7: Upload
Upload your video on youtube or any other site u are using.

Step 8: Title
Make your title about your video and something that will catch the viewers attention. If your video was about getting a nintendo wii then name your video something like "how to get a nintendo wii for free(no credit card needed)". That no credit card needed part will catch the readers attention.

Step 9: Description
Make your description about whatever your video was about. Make sure that at the end of your description to put "more tags" at the bottom and type in whatever people look for. If people look for halo then on more tags put halo1, halo2, halo3,etc. Make sure to type in what people look for.

*Step 10: Tags(for youtube)
Very simple, just type in what ever your video is about. If its a bout ps3 then put "playstation 3 free". Basicaly what your video is about.

Part 3: Spread

Step 1: Spread The Word
Tell all the friends that you made on the site that you found a way to get stuff for free. post it on your profile and comment it on videos.

Step 2: Nerds
Nerds are your best friend for this. Type in on the search bar whatever nerds look for like pokemon or naruto. Post on the videos that u see that u have found a way to get the latest game for pokemon or naruto or whatever for free. They usually take the bait and out comes easy refs.

* Step 3: Competition(optional)
Very simple, eliminate the competition. You know what to do.

Thanks for reading my guide. I hope this helps out beginners or anyone that want easy refs.
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