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Originally Posted by tournedisque View Post
^^ nah it's the Facebook user that want to look at farmvillie content and not be spammed by a random referral link on there favorite fan pages.

Can anyone confirm to even post competitions website links?

Imo the Rewards1 Facebook page is doing 100% fine, yeah i'd be nice to traffic fans back to rewards1 dot com. The Facebooks code is already written and you've rewards1 has fallen into block-city and *Debbie Downer says* It's just not gonna happen an less some smart dude at Facebook say I love abusive content.

The next best this would be to purchase a new domain
and run it as a official blog or something. $29.99/yr $6.99* $8.99 SALE! $39.99/yr $14.99/yr $19.99/yr $8.99* SALE!
indeed. but that begs the question, why is our competition allowed to? do they not have affiliates that are *cough* equally spammy?

your alternate TLD's got me curious, so i looked for who had r1 .org, .biz. etc. gayming lagoon. what the douche... O.o i should report them for nintendo and microsoft copyright infringement cause i can gaurantee you they're used without license..
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