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Arrow Rewards1 vs Facebook.

Good news! Our number of 'likes' on Facebook are steadily climbing - no doubt thanks to you guys. And to show our appreciation for your support, we've been giving away free prizes to lucky random R1 users each week.

However, as you all may already know, we're currently blocked on Facebook as spam by their filtering system and have been flagged as 'abusive'. Due to this issue, we can't post any R1 related links and are limited with our activities on Facebook as an unfortunate result. It's frustrating and it really sucks.

Obviously, we need a lot more 'likes' in order for Facebook to take us seriously because, honestly, who's going to take a second glance at anyone when they have less than a certain amount of 'likes' on their page? So here's the deal we're going to make with you.
  1. Continue to help us by increasing our 'likes' - you can do this by spreading the word to other R1 users who haven't already 'liked' our page and/or get your friends to 'like' us too! The more the merrier.
  2. Take it a step further and fill this form out to help us get removed from Facebook's spam filter. Oh and please be serious about it when you're filling it out, of course! -_-

And in the event that we do end up getting removed as spam/permanently unflagged as abusive, we'll give away something special. Would it be nice to own a free Nintendo DS? I think yes.

So get on it and show us some much needed love! We need you to help us grow. <3

P.S. This will be ongoing and is not in conjunction with any promos we'll be holding on Facebook. Get us unblocked and we'll gift one lucky R1 user (who has liked our page) a Nintendo DS!
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