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Originally Posted by raysion View Post
well its all in the same region so I dont think its the region problem. I am in canada and I bought a US account. both canada and US share the same region and get the same DLC. the only difference is MS points. MS points are country locked so a US code would not work in CAnada and Vice versa. everything else I can download ok. I was able to redownload all the arcade games and avatar items. its just those 3 cod DLC that wont download
Then its the second thing i said, about the DLC being linked to 1 gamertag. Also, make sure that you have room on your Hard Drive :P

Using the original account (with the Cod DLCs), login to your xbox and see if they download. Then try to play the DLCs on your own account. (You'll probably need Gold Membership to download the DLCs :S)
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