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Originally Posted by MeLonpan View Post
Is English a secondary language for your stupid ass? Do you not assume the age difference for both of the groups I was talking about? No. You didn't, so shut the fuck up before you try to talk about something when you don't even have a clue on what is being spoken about.
First of all.. calm down dude. Second, I feel I'm able to read, write, and comprehend English just fine. And no, it is not a second language for my ass which is stupid. Since I'm pretty sure that SK, Razr, and yourself are all in high school (and therefore all in the 15-17 years old range), I didn't feel it was necessary to assume you were interested in girls of a different age group. But now that you've brought it up, I'm curious, are you into chicks older or younger than yourself? Please don't be offended, I'm only trying to get a clue on what is being spoken about so we don't have a misunderstanding like this again. However, so far it seems like you said something criticizing Razr, and are now upset that he was slightly offended by it. And so I suppose you could say I'm a little confused as to why this is all upsetting you so much.
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