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Originally Posted by Lastwill View Post
Well you should also take in to consideration that SB doesn't lose that much from giving away 10 SB because they overprice prizes. Also they changed the point system so that it would appear 10 SB is alot.

What I think R1 should do is make 1 point equal 1 penny like Pyros suggested before. So giving away 10 Points appears like a lot even though we all can figure out it's only 10 cents. From there you can add codes to the site in which users can get points by entering them.

Of course we need to get R1 unblocked first.
2o2 is just using 5 SB as a reference, not the actual number. Yes, they indeed have overpriced items but honestly who actually uses the Swag Search thing as their default search engine? No one.

And lets suppose R1 did decide to have a "Become a fan and get 2 free dollars on rewards1." Let's face it, how many of them would become a fan, come here and fail to meet the minimum price quota and quit the site? A lot of them. And in return that 2 free dollars we just gave them, in reality, still belongs to us.

I don't even use GPT sites anymore, but I am coming up on my 3rd complete year on these forums and I am still waiting on this site to take off. Rewards1 has come a long way from where it started and it's been fun seeing it progress. My id here is somewhere around 25,000 and I am not sure what the most recent user's number is but I am sure we'd all be astonished.

I hope the staff comes up with an idea that will just leave the competitors in the dust, and hopefully 1 day, this site will get the credit is deserves for all it's hard work.

Best of luck.

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