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Ahh guys. You did it all wrong. Like Swagbucks, they actually had active members in the community. The website gave people the ability to 'reach out' to the developers and the rest of the community. Daily news feed, free points everywhere, games, fun polls, everything. They got the community involved, even w/ a FaceBook sync feature.

If you havent caught on yet, WE NEED THIS guys. We need to have a more user-friendly site and developer-interaction. The more people that like this site, the more people that join. Personally, R1 is a good place, but it just needs more, again, user-friendly features and daily news updates etc. The main reason people stay at SwagBucks is because, other than free stuff, the website. Contests, Free Points, A user-message system, polls, a more 'diverse' site overall.

So when SB announced a new FB page, they got hundreds of likes and fans per hour because the users liked to come back, and they probably had a promotion like "Like/Fan our new page and get 5 SB free!" In this problem of R1 having troubles with Facebook, we seriously need to look at SB as an example.
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