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Originally Posted by tournedisque View Post
@Kieran did you say you promoted Rewards1 with a referral link?
Where exactly did you try to promote it?

If you believe your account was disabled by mistake, click here. /help/?faq=1581
dude, I've contacted them several times in the time my accounts been disabled. I never advertised with a referral link, I simply suggested the page to my friends, which is the worrying part.

Originally Posted by Pyros View Post
well i'll agree with ya. have you tried contacting facebook themselves? if not then use the forms that tournedisque just mentioned... it seems kinda dumb for them to disable ya like that -_- without any warning too..
LOL yeah he should though personally it s abunch of bullocks if his acct is still disabled ><
Kieran if you could try that lol >< i know it might be a long shot but R1 has no idea why you're facebook has been disabled either.Pyros
Again Pyros mate, I've contacted them several times, to no avail. It's really, really frustrating. R1 truely is a load of bollocks. Sorry Bean if you read this, or Martine or Dotti, but i'm never suggesting anything you guys tell us to again. That's it, game over.
Originally Posted by Sandstorm View Post
We should have something like a official Rewards1 meetup
Originally Posted by Max Galleio View Post
And do what? Mine silver for 6 hours?
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