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Originally Posted by Kieran View Post
I beat my cousin up earlier. He stole my brothers bike, and he lied to me by saying he didn't have it. I checked his back garden, bam it was there. He squared up to me, I got off my moped, and put him on his arse, while my aunt watched. He's a ****.
I like this story, alpha shit bro. Got any more?

I don't have much of a story, went to the city for clubbing and Tiesto, couldn't get into anything because in the city they're more strick apparently and don't use the new technology for checking I.D., so my expired I.D. didn't work and you need two photo ID's which I only have one and a bunch of non-photo ones. Wasn't planning so left everything else at home, anyway turned to **** didn't bother waiting for Tiesto to find out if I could get in, I talked to his management they said they'd let me in, but I'd have to talk to security who wouldn't get in until 6pm this was at 9am. So I was like **** it, sold the tickets for 100 bucks to try and recoup some losses and then booked it for back home. Went out to the local bar/club with some friends with like 500 bucks, came back with like 100, lol. Also saw Tiesto's police escort on the way home lol, two undercover F.B.I. cruisers, two blacked out SUV's, rolling to his hotel, kind of a last minute slap in the face, lol.

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