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Default What Crimes Are You Guilty Of?

If you got caught doing everything bad you ever did how much trouble what would your list of charges be? And what have you actually been caught doing?

Possession of Marijuana
Possession of Marijuana Paraphernalia
Intent to Sell Marijuana
Operating While Intoxicated
Sale of Marijuana
Sale of Marijuana Paraphernalia
Sale of Marijuana to a Minor
Sale of Marijuana Within 100 Yards of a School
Possession of Alcohol Under Legal Age
Public Intoxication
Public Indecency
Failure to Stop at a Stop Light
Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign
Failure to Present Front License Plate*
Expired Insurance*
Reckless Driving
Disturbing the Peace*
Possession of Tobacco Under Age
Distribution of Tobacco Products to a Minor (is this a crime)
Distribution of Alcohol Products to a Minor
Driving Without a Seatbelt
Driving Without a License
Possession of an Illegal Weapon
Possession of Hydrocodone Without a Perscription
Illegally Downloading Music
Illegally Downloading Movies
Texting While Driving (Illegal in Iowa)
Calling Whlie Driving (Also Illegal in Iowa)
A Few Hate Crimes
Curfew Violation (I break this every night during the weekend during school year and every night during the summer)
And probably a few internet crimes that I don't know the official name for

*Caught (all 4 I had to talk to a police officer but was never formally charged with anything)

Just curious what you guys have done. It actually adds up to a lot if you really think about it.

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