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Originally Posted by EpicTroll View Post
i was a popular youtuber (not my youtube acc i troll'd this kid out of it)
it was the first video when you searched reward1 on youtube for about 3 yearish

the video was removed recently (got flagged finally!)
got $130 is ref on (he prob got more) and like 500 refs (he prob got more)~
and like $400 in tr0lling them

Im not endorsing it but people seem to be your refeeral if you lie to them about some cheat (No cheats on rewards1 guise that are real)!

just saying
Ah so if I lie to them.... thank you very much :) that really helped, what I will do is make a video telling the truth and one lying, ill use two different tracker links and see which one gets more referrals and more inportantly POINTS! Ill let you know which one is better if I do go ahead with making one. Thanks again for the help, really appreciated
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