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Originally Posted by hihirogan View Post
Phew, I thought I wouldn't be able to understand R1's sense of humor, my friends bursted out laughing when they saw mine, and they didn't even know I made the post. :) I'm guessing this is going to be made into a Demotivational poster? :D Since I work with a print shop... I'LL BE SELLING DEMOTIVATIONAL POSTERS OF SPIDERMAN WITH YOUR JOKE FOR POINTS... Glad to let that out :) If that's against the rules, I'm kidding. If it's not, take me on my offer. Nah, I'm kidding. What's the real purpose behind this contest anyways? My first thought was that it was going to be made into a poster to hang in Asexual's room.
I already have it

perks of being funny as hell
Originally Posted by Asexual View Post
It takes like 8 seconds to make a multi

I should know, i've made like 5
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