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Originally Posted by Bunny View Post
Completing offers is a very easy and simple task if you know what you are doing.
Most offers require a registration at start, then compiles a whole bunch of advertisements upon submitting your information.

Here is how it would look like most of the time:

1. Submit your Information (Registration Page)
2. Skip through the Advertisements
3. Reach the Final Page

Only 3 Steps !! Easy right?
What's frustrating is that, offers with more points means that there will be more advertisers to skip or go through.
Each offer will have at least a "Skip" or "Next" button that you can click on to proceed which is usually located at the bottom of the page.

If there's a list that contains check boxes or radio buttons, then always remember to have at least 2 of them checked as "Yes" and the rest of them "No" .

Here's an Example:

Next Step: Getting Started (Click to Proceed)
I accept with information: Before doing an Offer
1. Clear your cookies. How do I do that?
2. Create a Spam E-Mail Address (Yahoo Recommended) Sign up here
3. Make sure you have a Valid Address/Phone Number.
4. Login to the site, then click on the orange box that says "Offers".
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