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Angry [Complaint] Did not receive XBL MSP

Yeah hi, I have a bit of a complaint because I have been waiting over 2/3 months for a new 1600 Xbox Live Microsoft Points code and I have never even received it! This is outrageous, even when R1 support said they would possibly send me a new one.

What happend was I went and bought one 1600 Microsoft Points on the Rewards 1 site, I waited a couple days and guess what? I got it, yay, but when I went to enter it on Xbox Live, what do ya know...INVALID CODE. I immediately started to get help from one of the flippin support team and they seemed to respond to me, but it seems that they could care less. Do you guys even check to see if they work when you send them out, god! Take a look at these pics below and you will know what I'm talking about.

Is this what you call "superior" support? I don't think so.
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