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Originally Posted by Lions View Post
I'm gonna get called a Microsoft fan boy but whatever.. For the record, I love all 3 companies, but I'm sick of all the MS hating so here goes.

WTF did you expect Microsoft to do? Just ignore the fact that thousands of people bought Kinect and there are about 10 games out for it? They HAD to have a big focus on Kinect because that's a huge selling point for them. They're now able to target the hardcore crowd and the casual crowd (something "innovative" Nintendo wasn't able to do with the Wii.) And plus.. ARE YOU AWARE OF THE HALO NEWS!?!? Seriously, Microsoft offered the biggest "surprise" out of all 3 companies. We knew about the NGP/Vita, we knew about Project Cafe/Wii U and it's 6-inch touch screen. We had rumors about a Halo CE remake. Rumors. We had NOTHING on the fact that there is going to be a whole new Halo trilogy. And you call Microsoft lackluster why?

Seems almost like you didn't know much about what was going on with MS so you just decided to diss them. If you actually watched the conferences, all 3 companies had FANTASTIC runs this year. Each of them did everything they needed to and set themselves up for some great business. Not a single one of their performance can be considered bad, so why start up the console wars?
There was a lot I left out cause I just didn't think of it and didn't feel like making the post more long winded than it already was (Twisted Metal x1000).

Anyways, Yeah Halo is good and all, and I will def play it with my friend or cousin if they pick it up. Though it is getting old.

Aside from Halo, Gears 3, and MW3, as well as Kinect there isn't much done to improve or innovate on Microsoft's part.

I"m not trashing Microsoft like a Fanboy, I'm trying to get the point that Microsoft has done less in innovation than Sony and Nintendo are trying to do.
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