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Originally Posted by chungchow View Post
Well, since everyone is making all of these threads about youtube shops, I guess I'll show you a bot to get you more views. It is an addon for firefox called "ReloadEvery". It refreshes the page automatically for the amount of time you set. I suggest every 5 seconds. To use it, just right click and scroll down to the tab that says "ReloadEvery". Once you have highlighted it, click the amount of time before it refreshes automatically. After that is clicked, it should be enabled. If not, just scroll down to it again and click "enable". This will also work with channel views. I suggest only using this after your video has gotten pas 300-400 views as this is the only time youtube will check them or freeze them. It also works good with proxy addons that are common to find.

*shakes head* No. Youtube views won't count unless you watch the video past the yellow line (or the half way mark, I keep forgetting which XD)
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