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Default Video Contest

so having just discovered youtube, i thought it'd be fun to have a youtube video contest! winners will receive r1 cash, as well as be favorited on our soon to be official youtube channel, r1bean for extra traffic.

the goal of your video is to somehow tell the world about rewards1. think of it like a commericial. videos can be of anything- testimonial, infomercial, humour, etc, and can be made however you like: filmed, computer generated, animated, etc.

videos must be in good taste and will be judged based on:
1. value to rewards1
2. content and creativity
3. viral potential

1. videos must be viewable on youtube
2. videos must not violate any copyright laws
3. videos must be no longer than 3 mins
4. videos may have a 3 second credit to the author at the end. any longer, or any other content judged as spam will disqualify your entry.
5. contents ends oct 31 11:59pm PST. jugding will be done by rewards1 staff.
6. you may submit multiple entries
7. videos must have the text `property of rewards1`on the credits screen
8. i`ve prolly forgotten some so check back

first- $50 R1 Cash
second- $30 R1 Cash
third- $20 R1 Cash
viewers choice- $20 R1 Cash

viewers choice will be done via PM to pyros. (thanks pyros!) we will announce shortly how the videos are to be submitted.

good luck to all and happy video├Čng!
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