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Originally Posted by Cookman View Post
My first time...

My older cousin was having a pool party after homecoming and I was staying at her house
She invited like 5 of her friends over and they all got dressed in her room
They went to the pool and I stayed behind and went into her room
On the floor was a plethora of panties and bras to my amazement
I went to pick a panty up and smelled it, smelled like aromatic strawberries

I was having a good time until I smelled one and got a straight up wiff of sweaty socks, I got a headache afterwards

Oh well, it's still a memorable night
wow good **** man, and no this was no strawberries
smells like sweat , but from her *****. and the ass part smells like pure ****..
idk what this girls deal is but wtf.
i SO wish it was her other friend. 10 x hotter and probably clean -__-
and idk what you mean by little friend. shes 15 the girl im 16.
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