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Originally Posted by Pyros View Post
lol gratz on the winning :D
never seen you around till now ^^
you should be more active and push people around cuz you have more refs than them! jk ;D

gratz to everyone! ;D lol.

you are right, you should've tried harder haha ;P

lol but then there would be all the fighting again :D
haha jk, didnt there a list that is around? posted on the original thread?
then again i guess it doesnt show how far off you are

lol, yeah i havent had a forum account till now, i just join, but i've been on R1 for about a year. I'll be more active on here when i have more time. I've been snooping around the forums for a while though, checking out what people are doing and Pyros you the AWESOME.

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