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Default "Best Overall Contribution" Winner!

Forum Member with "Best Overall Contribution"

============= Winner =============


============= Runner Up =============



The reason we created 2 separate categories for the Forum Participation Contest, as well as the reason why we are rewarding the runner ups as well, is to recognize more than 1 or 2 people on the forums. We know we have a lot of good helping hands in this community. The forums wouldn't be half of what it is today without you guys around. And in that regard, we decided to give the title of "Best Overall Contribution" Forum Member to Bunny, while making Chiski the runner up in this category. Twister is awarded with the "Most Helpful" title. We are certain this will be a welcomed decision as anyone with eyes can see how much Bunny and Chiski and Twister all contribute to this community. And of course, thank you for your participation!

Thanks for the nominations guys! Without everyone's contribution this community wouldn't be half of what it is today!

Due to a limited number of nominations, we will only have 3 finalists.
The finalists for the "Best Overall Contribution" category are:
- Bunny
- Chiski
- Twister

*Note: Your nomination may have been disregarded if it was vague in any way (ie: did not mention the category you were nominating for), and/or you were banned during this time.

Voting will last for a week, and will stop on Sep. 6th at 11:59pm.

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