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Originally Posted by Pyros View Post
It's that time again!

New to this round of contests is our Christmas Offer Contest with a total of $300 in prizes! The rules are simple. In the month of December, complete offers, get into the top 15 and win. You will move up and down the leaderboard relative to other users based on the number of offers that credit you. The user with the most credited offers wins a sweet $100 in R1 cash.

1) $100
2) $60
3) $30
4) $25
5) $15
6) $10
7) $10
8) $10
9) $10
10) $5
11) $5
12) $5
13) $5
14) $5
15) $5

That's 15 spots to place in with $300 in prizes! Start now and do as many offers as you can! Remember the user that completes the most offers in this month wins! You can check back any time to the leaderboard (when we have it up) to see exactly where you're placed and how many offers you need to complete to get to first!
Cool contest aside from the fact only American's can win, considering the ratio of American offers to Canadian is what? 6 to 1?
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