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I<3Referrals has a little shameless behaviour in the past

Originally Posted by Sandstorm View Post
1.: Depends.
2.: Depends. If you are a veteran you know which elite's to trust.
3.: Yup.
4.: Yup.
5.: My mate hacked into microsoft, got put into jail for like 2 days for apparently hacking into a US defense system. (When you think about it, that somehow makes sense O_o) He was 13. Prob lying, but idk and idc. Anyway, yup.

Yeah I just wanted to say that your an i d i o t, and somebody should kill your mother.

1. Your friend "hacked Microsoft and went to jail for apparently hacking into a US defense system". See the logic there, No you f a g g o t that does not make sense. Microsoft isn't owned by the "US Defense System <-- Imao"

2. ABLE to Hack into the Pentagon is a federal crime, and your going to be going to jail for a lot more then 2 days. Yeah and if you didn't care then don't post your b u l l s h i t on my thread.
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