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Default Offer Guides (Ooooh Pictures!)

Figured I'd do some offer guides, seeing as how I'm getting back into them. I'm gonna start off with one, but I'll be updating them constantly in a few (gotta do some homework -_-). These are done using Google Chrome, the information (ZIP, City, Phone, etc.) was gotten through this fake name generator

Offer:ClipnGo Coupons - Win Groceries for a Year
Price: .50 Points

I found the offer on page 2

When you click on it, you'll end up at this page. Your just wanna fill in your basic information.

For the next 17+ pages, you'll be taken to some surveys. I suggest clicking random boxes, and 95% selecting no if possible. Here are a few example pages. Luckily, you only have to do the ones marked with the little orange star

By this point, I had recieved the points (probably LOOOOOOOONG before). If you haven't by 17 pages, you might just wanna stop. I'll be back to post more.

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