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Originally Posted by psufootball View Post
LeBron the diva can go f himself. Seriously, you have that high an ego that you need to announce a national press conference to announce which team your switching to? Please, spare me. It's like the T.O. thing all over again (try living in PA with that going on, biggest bunch of BS ever). When will these people learn that the world doesn't revolve around them. And the 23 NBA fans that are left across the country don't need you to bring this attention to yourself.

This is why I love college basketball, don't have to deal with any of this crap in the NBA, it's just an entertaining, fast-paced game.
Implying LeBron is a diva, lol. He's a superstar, it's only natural, ESPN and everyone was having special's for this. Team's spent lots of money trying to win him over, he doesn't think the world revolves around him, if you hadn't noticed part of the world was actually revolving around him, do you know how many people watched? and how twitter and facebook lit up after he made the announcement? He's a superstar, and was in the middle of making a huge decision in his life, that would affect him, and the sport, which in turn would affect the other players in the sport and a lot of fans. I'd rather hear it from him from a press conference than a tonne of unofficial rumors until he eventually confirms it himself. Seems a lot easier to me. Personally I've never seen him cocky, seems like a pretty great guy, but even if he is, he has all the right in the world if you look at his resume.

Don't hate the players, hate the game.

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