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Default Craigslist Tactic

I haven't used this tactic since Rewards1 switched to the new prize system but this got me some refs. Hopefully it will help people get some refs.

Go to craigslist(dot(org) and select a major city. click on post to classifieds, scroll down and click for sale. Scroll down and click video games (for example) Then select the area you want to post in. Then start creating your post. Enter the name of a game or console,The price (free), Location (Website). Then email address. Then the description and pictures (find them from Google images.) and then submit, confirm and publish.

The way this tactic works is by generating traffic to your website. Most likely the post will be flagged and the only thing a potential ref will see is the post title, Cost, and specific location. This is why it is very important you have a website URL that will fit in the location field. once they see that it is flagged they will go to your website and then click on your R1 ref link.

I would do this for a couple of hours and Google sense would show 90 hits a day to my website and refs were coming in fast. This tactic is only what you put in to it. Do it for a few hours and i'm sure you will have a good experience.

Tips: Use 10minutemail, Make sure you publish the posts, Go through each city area, Use images, Change up your description and posting titles from time to time. Use notepad to log, copy, and past. Use 100% legit in the description.

If i think of anything else I'll update. hope this helps.
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