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Good idea on this.
I've been clicking away for some time, a script would be nice, but you may hit a snag:
there are random captcha's every 30-40 switches. So you'd have to somehow program it
to reload the page, this will (hopefully) rid the captcha; of course, then it'd have to click the video chat again and reselect the correct webcam (for those of you with multiple).
Perhaps you already know all this, I don't know, just thought I'd post. =)

Edit: Okay, still hitting those captchas...
but that's not the reason for the edit...
3 hours on Omegle.. not one ref... I've made at least
a dozen different designs...

BTW, I know you gave a link to a cam tool, but google
'manycam' it is completely free and works well. =)
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