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Default $ MiddleMan Advice ~ For Trading $

Okay here's a little middleman advice.

Rules to know:

Tips for trading codes:

  • Always get both codes first.
  • Always check digits of codes.
  • Never let them pressure you.
  • Never do more than 1 mm trade at a time.
  • Clear your inbox before you start. < haha
  • Don't ever trade code for code such as amazon and ebay giftcard as you will never know if one is correct.

Some tips for trading Microsoft Codes:

If you are given a Microsoft code you can check it for validity here:



  1. Log in with your account or any account for that fact.
  2. Click on redeem promotional or prepaid code.
  3. Type in the code and hit the submit button.
  4. If it says invalid or used, move down to added steps. If not, skip added steps.

    Added Steps:

  5. Tell the person the code is invalid and inform both parties of the trade.
  6. Do not give the person that provided the invalid code the other person's product.
  7. If the code was valid, DO NOT CLICK THE CONFIRM BUTTON!
  8. Just exit and do not add it to your balance, now you know the code is indeed valid.
  9. Now send the opposite person's code to the person that gave the valid code you check for.
  10. Make sure it works and have them provide proof if it says it didn't work.
  11. You're done!

I hope this helps you in trading.

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