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Talking Earn R1 cash when we use your testimonial!

Hey everyone, we've got some great news!

If we use a testimonial that you post in the Look What I Got forums, we will give you $2 Cash!, so keep those testimonials coming!


Make a post in the Look What I Got Forum. Include in this post:
1. At least one clear picture of your reward
2. The picture must have a clear sign crediting Rewards1/R1 and your username.
3. Comment on your experience with Rewards1

Selection Criteria:
- constructive and descriptive comments
- high value or unique reward
- a large number of rewards
- clarity and creativity

The Rules (for now):
- No fake testimonials. We will check your history to confirm your reward.
- One post per reward; do not make multiple posts of the same reward.
- Each seperate post, each with different rewards, is eligible to be selected. ie, you can be bonused more than once.

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