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Default ►►►EARN $250+ PER DAY WITH LITTLE EFFORT *No Investment Needed*◄◄◄

This is not my guide, I'm posting it for a member from another forum. Very good method with serious earning potential and very simple to use, worth every penny.


I have made tens of thousands of dollars through Internet Marketing. Trust me when I say this is by far the EASIEST method I have come across to earning high quality leads using facebook. Not only does it require little time and effort, it requires no investment at all. Stop working hours every day to earn a few bucks on sharecash, Viral Facebook marketing is the way to earn quick money online, hands down. Get yourself into some CPA Networks and follow this guide, add your own traffic sources and twists to it, and scale up. Each account I have set up using this method is earning me around $50-100 per day. Each account takes approximately 20-30 minutes per day to maintain. I can't give away any more information than that.

This guide is NOT about:
►Mass friend requests through uploading email lists
►Facebook ads or ad vouchers
►Spamming walls or messages

The point of this guide is to generate high quality converting clicks from extremely targeted sources. All methods used in this guide are highly ethical and not considered blackhat by any means.

The method has a start up time of about 7 days - meaning you will not see sizable income until the snowball effect starts to take over.

This guide is for you if:
►You are not a CPA or FB expert but are interested in earning through them
►You do NOT want to have to spam 10,000 people for 5 conversions
►You would like a method that works LONG TERM and is only limited by YOUR capabilities

$10 - It's a steal at this price, extremely unknown method, won't be saturated for a LONG time

PM to order.

Originally Posted by matter3 View Post
Gave it a quick read and here are my initial thoughts.

This is actually an idea I've never heard of but I can see it working pretty well. The key idea behind this thing is getting the highly targeted traffic which takes a bit of effort but will pay off big time in the end. One of the first guides I've actually read that has a good idea and will work with a bit of effort. Nothing complicated, nothing tricky, just very simple tactics.

Overall, great idea and I can see it working well. I'll give it a test run maybe this weekend and see how it goes.
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Yeah, today isn't my lucky day, but I just got to live with it and suck it up like a man and keep moving forward. I'm not going to be flaming about it for the rest of my life, then it would be pointless because your just wasting time of your whole life doing nothing and thinking about why didn't I do this or why didn't I do that. Its how life is, it's unfair.

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