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Credit Prevention - Not getting credited?
Below are some tips to help further increase your chances of being credited.

!Most Common Mistake!
Filling your information twice per same company will result in descredit.
Offers these days require that the information can only be submitted once because most offers is only limited for a "1 per household" sign up.

1. Cookies

If you are running CCleaner and Mozilla Firefox, please note that you cannot clear your cookies while Firefox is running.
It may help if you cleared your cache and site preferences.

2. Tracking Cookies
Please use an Anti-Virus to scan for tracking cookies.
Though deleting cookies usually deletes tracking cookies also, there may have been leftovers that cannot be deleted without an Anti-Virus software.

3. Valid E-Mail/Address

Temporary/Disposable E-Mails decreases your chances because they may be blacklisted on certain sites.
Also, please verify your address here to see if it's valid to the US or Canada Postal Office.

4. Age Restriction
The majority of offers require certain ages to be eligible when signing up.
Check to see if your birthday was within the age range.

5. Bots
If you are using GreaseMonkey or any kind of other bots, they will decrease your chances further.
The bots are typically useful yes, but the vast amount of speed when skipping through offers are just too fast and the crediting time will depict whether or not the user was using a bot.

6. Final Page (Silver/Gold/Platinum)
Be sure to click on the amount of links that's displayed on the page. Then proceed to the next page.
Some offers will NOT credit you if you didn't click on the X amount of links.
Be sure to keep those tabs opened along with the final page until you've been credited.

7. Stored Information
Sometimes, certain sites will store your information onto the browser.
The only way to get rid of this is to restart your browser so that all the information stored can be erased.

8. Loading Time
When doing an offer, remember to let the pages load completely.
Do not rush your time in skipping them because cookies may need to be written at the end of each load.

9. Being Logged
Have you been doing an offer too long that Rewards1 logged you out for inactivity?
Remember to refresh your page from time to time.
If you are looking for an Auto-Refresh addon for Firefox, click here

All the above has not worked and I have not been getting credited the whole day !
Simply restart your computer and try again.
I've realized that if you've done too many offers in one day, then restarting your computer will get rid of the leftovers that's stored on your computer.

Post the offers you are doing and the steps you take when trying to complete them.
If you are reading this and you're not a member yet, simply register and come back to this thread and post your issue here.

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