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hightower 10-12-2008 07:35 AM

Forum Questions - Read first!
Okay, there is a good chance that users are going to have questions about how these forums work, so in an attempt to lower the number of threads being created with these questions, i have decided to compile a colleciton of these quesitons and their answers!

If you have anything to add to this, please PM me it and i'll happily add it, giving you full credit and rep!

1.How do you edit your signiture? - Click on 'User CP' at the top left of the forums, then down the left hand side there will be a link saying 'Edit signature', click this.

2.How do i become a senior member? - Reach 100 posts, however, don't spam your way there!

3. What is '+Rep' and how do i give it? - +Rep means to add to a forum users reputation. Reputation is a good indication of how trustful a member can be and how helpful they are. You can give these reputation points by clicking this image: which is located at the bottom left of somebody's post.

4. How do i reach 'Elite' status? - Obtain 130 reputation points, but don't beg for them!

5. Why can't i put a picture in my signature? - Signature pictures are only available to those who are moderators, administrators or Elites.

6. Can i post my referral links to Rewards1 and other Free stuff sites? - The short answer is no, this is against the rules.

7. Help, how can i get referrals? - There are many free referral guides available on these forums (see HERE For Bradrulez1's compilation of free referral guides), you can also buy referral tactics form other members (please note, rewards1 is not responsible for any losses during the buying process, it is at the user's own risk).

8. I can't complete an offer, where am i going wrong? - Check: THIS THREAD for a general guide on completing offers. For a guide to a specific offer see HERE.

9. How do i post a screenshot? - Take your screenshot and save it in paint (or other image editing software). Then upload it to an image hosting site, i recommend using as it does not require sign up. Then copy the direct link to the picture into these brackets [IMG][/IMG].

10. Can i refer someone else from my house like my brother? - No, Rewards1 is limited to one account per household i'm afraid.

11. How do i order an Amazon gift card? -Heres how, Courtesy of Teddybear:
If you live in the US:

If you live in the UK:

Name: Amazon Gift Card

Total Cost: XXX.XX no $/£ signs

Currency: USD/GBP

Message: I would like a (amount) Amazon gift card sent to my email.

12. Is there anywhere i can post my youtube video for others to rate, comment & subscribe? - Yes there is a sticky thread for this exact use HERE.

13. What sites can i custom order from? - Currently custom orders can only be made from Ebay and Amazon.

14. Who can i trust on these forums, and who should i look out for? - Well, luckily for you Breakers22 has made a thread guiding you on this matter HERE.

15. If an offer doesn't credit, can i redo it? - Put simply, yes you can.

16. I have no more offers left, will more come? - Yes more offers will be added.

17. Are any of these 'Rewards1 hack engines' real, will they work? - No, there is no way to hack rewards1 to get extra points.

18. What are infractions? - An infraction is an official warning, if you receive two you get a 1 month ban from the forums.

hightower 10-12-2008 07:35 AM

Reserved, just incase!

Calecarz 10-12-2008 07:37 AM

Nice guide HT.

Caps 10-12-2008 07:39 AM

As a sort of sub-question, add

How do I get a signature? - You must reach the forum status of Senior Member.

awilex 10-12-2008 07:39 AM

Forum Question how do i get the rep image in a post?

Bobthemonkey54 10-12-2008 07:44 AM

you should add the day you guys are on for prizes so we don't see 20 threads

hightower 10-12-2008 08:00 AM


Originally Posted by (Post 199892)
you should add the day you guys are on for prizes so we don't see 20 threads

I'm afraid that's beyond me!

MS2 10-12-2008 08:52 AM

They are on the 29th

Teddybear 10-12-2008 09:32 AM

Great little FAQ we have here HT!

GamerAce100 10-12-2008 09:40 AM

Very helpful to those who are new. Like me!

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