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Sandstorm 04-10-2011 04:28 AM

How to get started on Rewards1
Sandstorm's guide on how to get started with Rewards1

Part 1 - Introduction

Rewards1 isn't all about completing surveys. Perhaps you'd only like to click some ads, or get R1 points by doing services not related to the site? Well, if you follow this guide, you just might have to.

Part 2 - Getting your first point

Getting your first point is usually the hardest point to get. If you'd like to complete an offer, check the sticky "Bunny's Complete Guide for Beginners". It's in this forum (Tips From The Pros). If not, read on....

PTC ads

If you take the road of PTC, be prepared for a slow, but easier journey. Up-to-date anti-virus software is a MUST for these ads. It will take 100 ads to get your first point, but like I said, it's much easier.

Outside-of-site services

Perhaps you'd like to play a game or do a favour for someone to get points? Well, read on.
There are many services. If it breaks the site's TOS/Rules, proceed if you have nothing to lose on that site. If it breaks Real-World laws, I advise you to stay away from it.

Some examples:

Botting RuneScape and selling the RSGP for Points - Againest TOS
Signing up for someone on a non-GPT site - May be allowed/not allowed on TOS

Part 3 - Keeping a steady income of points

Note: To not break a site's TOS to an extent where a ban is obviously heading for you. Ex. You will be GUTTED if your RS account is banned while 1b RSGP is on it (Equivelant to 1k R1 Points at a ratio of 1 RS point to 1m RSGP)

Dump the PTC ads unless you want the extra .03-.07 points each day. It is no longer reliable for points.
Now i'll show you what you should use to gain points:
Based on 1 hr of R1 Point-Farming
50%-60% of your time should be spent completing offers.
40%-50% of your time should be spent on doing a service (Unless it is afk'able, leave it on for the whole hour if it is).

Phew! In a few days to a week you should have around 10 R1 Points and will be able to cash in on a reward!

Part 4 - Referrals

BirdyMan 04-18-2011 12:24 PM

Good guide. +rep! ;D

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