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Mike 02-23-2009 02:49 PM

How i became successful with youtube
well here it is

WELCOME to my youtube referral guide! I will teach you how to get those refs counting up like no tomorrow.


NOTE: I have no responsibility if your youtube account is banned or your video is removed!

Step 1:Make an alternate youtube account to avoid getting banned from youtube.( These videos are not illegal on youtube, its just that some people pretend they own rewards1 and want your video taken down so there will be less competition. Every time someone is successful in getting your video taken off, you receive one strike, after a few, your out [banned]) I advise making more than one, just incase. Don't name your youtube name "freestuffnoscam" or something like that or you will sound like an advertiser, not a helper. Name it something catchy but not rewards1/ ********** related. A good name would be like "rocking_tom" if your name was tom of course.
Step 2: DO NOT go around posting "S33 t3h pr0fi1e" because when people see that comment, they will go to your account and 1 star rate and comment "scam". Don't even comment about anything of your video or profile related.
Step 3: Customize your youtube page. Don't add a background with a picture of rewards1; make it a casual maybe funny picture. It will once again make people think that you're a normal helping person. Don't put your profile description as "go to "link" now it is best". That will draw people away from your profile, they think your just advertising again. For your website put your disguised ref link (see more below)
Step 4: Get known. Make a lot of friends. I suggest youtube friend bomber, it makes it easy. If not just go around clicking add friend. You will only be able to send a certain amount of requests a day so work on it every day. After you get enough friends, make a bulletin with your video in it saying, "I found a way how to get free stuff!"
Step 5: Tags and names. I tend to name my video something appealing. A good name is "how to get free Microsoft points and Xbox live codes sent by email!" It makes the person say "wow sent by email? That's great! I won't have to buy my own now!"

Description is pretty hard to make, as it is long. I usually write "here is the link to get your self started [link here]" Put somewhere near the beginning that says that you need no credit card. Then at bottom put "more tags" and put a bunch of stuff people would look for. I like to do up coming and popular video games like call of duty 5 and halo 3 and gears of wars 2.

Tags: doesn't really matter much just put what I told you up there. BUT don't put pron names in tags or in description, it makes them think you're just desperate for views.
Step 6: Making it big! Put a cool looking picture as the picture thingy. Mine is a cow smiling. Once again don't use pron. Tube increase the video to about 1000-3000 views, but not more. It will give the sense that a lot of people have tried it. Get a bunch of friends and alternate accounts to comment saying "thanks I already got an Amazon gift card" or something along those lines. And don't forget to 5 star it a bunch.

Disguise ref link: it will make help a lot. My personal favorite is . That's the website, go to it and type in your ref link and you can customize it. Another site

Making the video

Step 1: Video. To make results better use a good video editing program. You can use windows movie maker, but DON'T use white text on a blue screen, as it is highly unprofessional.
Step 2: Persuasiveness. Okay there is a difference between being persuasive and telling people what do do.
Step 3: Coolness. I use Sony Vegas pro 8. I love it because you can animate text. Don't make it spin around. Just zoom in and maybe tilt a little bit.

Step 4: pictures. Make pictures in the background for all the words. Say I write "do you want free Xbox live?" I will have a picture of an Xbox live 3 month card. Make both the pictures zoom in at different speeds. You can get very creative with this.
Step 4 1/2: Game play. This option is not for everyone. Some people like it and some people don't. I like doing wii games or popular first person shooters. Make sure the color of the text is different than the color of the game play. You can basically do a lot of stuff with this.
Step 5: Music. This is my favorite part of making the video. Don't use hard rap or reggae. I think its best to use rock. Panama by van halen is an excellent song to get you "pumped". Don't use any new songs that aren't in a band. Use just like warm up songs. Don't use "OMG rock" this is like when all it is is grown men getting high and yelling into the microphone.
Step 6: render/save video. Remember not to save the project file but the actual complete video.

Step 7: upload the video with all the tips above in youtube section.
NOTE: it takes so long to upload video when you use Vegas pro so be patient.

Thank you for reading my youtube referral guide. If you have any problems email me at
Don't yell at me for minor grammar mistakes.

Mike 02-24-2009 06:12 AM

nobody like me :(

bobjones323 02-24-2009 06:55 AM

That's awesome Mike! I think I'll try it out cause I'm desperate for refs!! (LOL) +rep

Mike 02-24-2009 07:09 AM

thank you and ill post the link later to the youtube video i use so u can get a bunch of refs to

bobjones323 02-24-2009 07:17 AM


Originally Posted by Mike (Post 377180)
thank you and ill post the link later to the youtube video i use so u can get a bunch of refs to

U shouldn't post ur YouTube video link that u use or people will flag it and all that stuff. But u could post the video uploaded to another site or something if u want.

shabbybradz 02-24-2009 08:38 AM

Thanks for the guide as i have a vid ( made with windows movie maker LOL) but with this it will be even better thanks.

Mike 02-25-2009 05:11 AM

I'll post a download link

bobjones323 02-25-2009 05:47 AM


Originally Posted by Mike (Post 378070)
I'll post a download link

K, thanks. :)

Mike 02-25-2009 06:29 AM

Or you can go on my wall and see that link dead posted? That's mine that louis copied just use that

bobjones323 02-25-2009 10:04 AM


Originally Posted by Mike (Post 378080)
Or you can go on my wall and see that link dead posted? That's mine that louis copied just use that


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