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ryuk1214 04-18-2010 03:56 PM

Learn to refer like a pro!
Ryukinator’s referral guide: how referring works

Version history______________________________

4-18-2010: V.5 - Posted this guide and even though a rushed it a bit, it helped a lot of yall.

6-27-10: V.9 - Almost everything is up to date.

Hello, this is not my first tutorial, but since I’m helping my brother start his own rewards1 account, I thought I’d better make this guide with him. Now, with a lot of you new members, you might be a little afraid to go into referring, but doing solely offers doesn’t cut it anymore. I will cover the basic and more complex mechanics of referring as well as showing a few, common tactics some members use to make it big. Along with that, I will give frther examples and overall, show the road to making it big with referring. (note: all money is in USD)

1. Your referral stats

Compared to other Get Paid To websites, rewards1 offers a pretty good way of showing you your referral stats. Go click on the green box with the people talking, next to the rewards center.

Basically, whenever someone signs up under your referral link and completes an offer, you make (usually) a 20% profit of what he/she makes. For example: Marc signs up as your ref, and completes a 50 cent offer, so you make 10 cents off of that. Sounds small? How about stacking this up with some of the following:
  • Say you get 50 people a week to do that fifty cent offer (by the way, easily plausible) that is $5 a week, or $20 a month! Still sound small?
  • Say one of those users a week does a paid offer. The offer is worth $20, so you get $2 a week, or $8 a month! Still sounds small, until…
  • You manage to get 200 users a month to do that one fifty cent offer. That nets you $20 like last time, BUT the next month you get a 30% profit, and if you get that same $28, you will get $30.80 instead!
If it is too much math for you to handle, don’t worry. Rewards1 tracks how many referrals you have gotten, both total and within the month. It also says what day and country the referral came from, as also the amount of points they’ve earned you. This is helpful in determining both what tactics work for you and where you should refer (.com, .au, or .uk?)

2. Tracking your referrals

As great as a job rewards1 does at showing you your referral stats, you have to record what you do/make, also. Take my account, for example. I track my refs on a line graph, which helps me make some choices, like when I should roll out my new referral tactics (if my referrals are going low) and set a weekly quota. I haven’t been tracking my referrals for long, but since I have, my referrals have gone up roughly 30%, which brings up the previously said $30.80 to $40.04, a pretty good income for the average Joe, as long as you can pair that with a $30/month offer income, you’ll have $70 in your stash in no time.
Now, I am going to show you a little thing I made that shows you what rank you are, and usually to go a step higher you have to take your referring tactics and work on the website a step higher, as well.

Rank Total Income

Offer Doer $0-$10 a month, $0-$120 a year
Starter $11-$30 a month, $132-$360 a year
Reader of this guide $31-$50 a month, $372-$600 a year
Maestro Tactician $51-$80 a month, $612-$960 a year
The Bank $81-$120 a month, $972-$1440/year
Semi Uber $121-$150 a month, $1452-$1800/year
Uber $151-$200 a month, $1812-$2400/year
TheRiGuy. Woah-Damn a month, Gasp-Godamn/year

Personally, only 1 month have I ever been uber. Hopefully, you will be rank 3 (at least) after reading this guide and following it as if it were your bible. This brings me to…

3. Following tactics as if they were the Bible

Now, as simple as it may seem to you, a lot of people never put in effort to referring people, it is a lot harder than it seems, not to bring you down, though. Say you referrals are down, so you need not to find a new tactic (although it helps) but regulate and enforce your tactic elsewhere, so you can keep that old tactic for longer. The number one rule of the referring bible is: never share your own original tactics for free if they make you a lot of money. With no one, not even that homeless person across the street (he is SO an FBI agent!)

If you really want to sell your tactic, you can try this: don’t advertiser to sell your tactic, but ask them who would buy this for (insert insane amount of cash here) Say the price is $2 (paypal of course) and 10 people want it, which is $20. You make $15 a month with the tactic. In this case, it is a risky choice. This goes to show how risky business is. Keep in mind, I haven’t officially tested it yet, but keeping my own tactics to myself gets me an estimated fifty percent increase in income, so that $40 is now $60.06, with the offer earnings nets you $90 a month. Your journey ends here, and you are officially the bank. Make sure you don’t get robbed and try to make Uber, or better yet, TherRiGuy.


If it’s okay with you guys, I took some tactics from the free guides in the forums, as I do not give my tactics away. I will post credit though. I will order these soon.

“Usually when I post a video, I go to and spam my video link, and say something like "Check out this sexy girl! *Video Link*. Usually gets me like 150 views in about 5 minutes.”- SilentKilla167

Evony tactic- "Make an account at When you join, Make a post in the chatbar saying how you got evony points. If someone asks, say that you got them at (insert your referral link here.) Make sure that you mask your referral link at NOTE: This tactic ma be ineffective as of now, try at your own risk!

If you have Visual Basic experience like me - norradjer99

TONS of guides here:

Good youtube guide

5. Common Tactics For a noob like you

Here are some unordered things you should always keep in mind when referring. - use this to mask your referral link, so nobody thinks you're just trying to make a quick buck.

If somebody gets suspicious, smooth talk them, lie a bit if you have to. But NEVER tell them it is a hacked referral link. It'll get us both banned, buddy.

Im lazy. More to come within the next few days.

Thanks and feel free to leave feedback.

PS: if you havent yet, and you are a guest, join the forums. We have a lot of great guides for free and for sale. If you do join, put ryuk1214 as your refferal, please.

Lions 04-18-2010 04:05 PM

Nice guide dude, very well written, lots of great information. +rep :smile

ryuk1214 04-18-2010 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by psufootball (Post 701731)
Nice guide dude, very well written, lots of great information. +rep :smile

thanks, i made it vauge so the new members can custimize their tactics to fit their needs and wants

R1-Raper 04-18-2010 04:13 PM

Nice guide... I like how mine made it in the referral guides section :)))...But seriously, good job on the guide and I hope people can appreciate it.

ryuk1214 04-18-2010 04:15 PM


Originally Posted by R1-Raper (Post 701735)
Nice guide... I like how mine made it in the referral guides section :)))...But seriously, good job on the guide and I hope people can appreciate it.

thnx, i just want to try to give some of my old tactics once they get old

MarcoLicious 04-18-2010 07:57 PM

****ing vontemix taking my evony referral tactic!!!

Whiskeh 04-19-2010 05:28 AM


Originally Posted by ryuk1214 (Post 701732)
thanks, i made it vauge so the new members can custimize their tactics to fit their needs and wants

Yep, YouTube and websites are obviously known tactics but are so customizable for everyone. If you find your own little thing that works (hell 10 refs a day isn't bad) then I'd highly suggest keeping it. Whoever thought of the Evony thing really made a bad choice selling it... could still be making a lot of money (might still work, but not as good).

TiN TiN 04-19-2010 07:54 AM

Nice guide for new comers. Stickied.

ryuk1214 04-19-2010 02:51 PM


Originally Posted by TiN TiN (Post 701837)
Nice guide for new comers. Stickied.

thank you vury much

D3 04-19-2010 04:27 PM

good guide you have there

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