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RefBoost 08-04-2008 11:42 AM

SELLING 38+ games!
Hi guys,

i want to sell my 38+ xbox games and xbox(about time don't ya think :thumbs) but i was wondering where to do it to get the most for my money. if someone hereis interested, PM me, but idoubt anyone is! lol, i dont want to trade in at EB Games really because they give crappy trade in values? any suggestions? i looked at some eBay auctions and i could probably get around $100 for the whole thing which is ridiculous, anyone have any other ideas?

sheetsjohn16 08-04-2008 11:47 AM

yea EB Games does give crap for trade ins but i would look up the prices on amazon if i were you and possibly sell them all separately

RefBoost 08-04-2008 11:57 AM

i was thinking about that, i was looking at gamer trade forums and stuff but i would have to ship them all seperately, and would like avoiding that if possible

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