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ReeceM107 05-07-2009 01:45 PM

Save Paper, Energy And Money
While Browsing The Internet I Found This xD Hope You Enjoy It 0.0

Save energy, save money

Saving energy means you use less energy. It will show nicely on the monthly utility bills you recieve.

* Use energy saving/CFL bulbs. They use less power, which saves energy
* Unplug any unused electronics. When you switch off electronic items such as TVs with remote, it still consumes power until you unplug
* Shut down unused PCs and laptops without putting them to sleep/hibernate as it will consume power otherwise
* Switch off any light bulbs, fans, air conditioners that are working at unoccupied areas
* Lower the heater couple of notches during winter and increase the temperature on air conditioners couple of notches during summer
* Carpool whenever possible. You can carpool to work/school/college/university with a friend or neighbor to cut costs, energy consumption and stress of driving in traffic everyday

Save paper, save money

Reducing the use of paper and buying recycled paper will cut costs is paper purchases and will save trees.

* Print, if it is absolutely necessary. You can avoid printing funny emails or photos that can be shared digitally
* Print on both sides of the paper. Your manager/teacher/professor will appreciate your efforts to save the environment and in cutting organization costs
* Encourage recycled paper producers by buying recycled paper whenever possible. They use far less resources to produce compared to brand new paper
* Always recycle paper instead of burning them. Some governments and organizations encourage this effort by paying money for the amount of paper you give to recycle

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