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warthriller 11-30-2008 03:28 PM

StarCraft CD Keys!
Well I was searching around in my basement and I found a bunch of StarCraft CD Keys on the back of my StarCraft case, so I popped the disc in and tried the keys, they all were legit and allowed me to install, so I canceled the install and decided to sell them, I think I know where I got them from, an old friend of mine, not sure where he is now, probably in some college I've never heard of, used to work at GameStop so he would always let me steal a StarCraft CD Key every now and then because nobody would buy them :D well yeah, I will trade cd keys for other game cd keys that are legit, if I feel you could be a scammer, you must go first, if I know you are trusted, I will go first. These are just CD Keys, I only have 1 copy of the game that is for me, you can download the game or borrow it from a friend then use the CD Key I give you to install!

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