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skatemachine 09-26-2008 03:41 PM

Selling Referral Guide!
Yes Im Selling My referral guide that got me my 800+ refs!

who I am
I am Skatemachine a long member of rewards1 and medium time member of the Rewards1 Forums.(I know I already made a thread about this its updated)

How Much?
It is Only
1.$5 amazon
2.$3 paypal
3.$5 eBay Gift Certificate
4.Pm Me to Make A Deal

what do You Get?

You Get:
1.My Referral guide
2.My 24/7 assistance by email or even myspace
plus it can help you in the october referral contest!!!

i had it reviewed by 8 people here's what they said:


Originally Posted by tailsmaster2 (Post 177191)
my review

Its a great guide for people with very little(like 50 or less) referrals or inactive referrals. It has 35 good tactics to get referrals (5 common ones and 30 in depth good ones) and it lists the difficulty of what you need to do to get the refs. It is 17 pages and worth about 5-10 dollars to buy. rating- 4 1/2 of 5 starz

i told u it was gonna be short


Originally Posted by fatherofdoraemon (Post 166490)
Ok, here's my review.

The guide has a neat presentation and is easy to understand. This guide is probably better for people who have less than 100 refs, but also has some tactics that may help veterans as well. A few of the tactics are rather basic, but he explains all of them thoroughly. I would recommend buying this guide if you're just starting out or if you just want a few extra refs daily. :thumbs

My Rating: 8/10


Originally Posted by Cooldog344 (Post 184740)
I may be the first to post a comment for the guide but here we go.

Okay lets stat out with the things i did not like

(1) Okay can you gie us some more information insted of say like Go here and get people u know what what I mean if you have guide.
(2) Could it be a bit MORE colorfull so its just not snore, make it broght and good ^_^
(3) last one, Can you maybe show us sum SS of this really working?

Good things
(1) Had ALOT of good ideas I never even thought of!!
(2) There is 24\7 Support and its a really great guide
(3) I like how you use the difficult scale * ** *** ***
(4) When you open it up you fell welcome in the guide

(1) Kinda some more ideas
(2) Maybe some pictures of the reffers you got
(3) Hmm ya thats it

Over all score:

Im gonna have to give this guide a....

Witch is a 4\5 Stars!

The resons why is above!

Nice job man and i recommend this guide to any new memeber or old member. This kid\teen\adult has very good ideas and can help us all

Good job man

have fun selling them!

O ya almost forgot,

he says, if ou dont get any refers like from these ideas HE WILL DO A FULL REFUND. But theres no need it works!

Later and good job again

Also If you though this guide was good give him a +rep for ****s anf giggles ^_^


Originally Posted by Calecarz (Post 177097)
It is a very good 17 page guide, Includes new tactics that I am almost sure no one has known and gives more information as well as better ways to do common tactics. Very good guide 5/5


Originally Posted by Nuclear_Spark (Post 166344)
Here is my review.

I found it enjoyable to read it compared to other people's guides. Very nice and VERY well done. I like the formatting of the style in which the guide was made making it really easy to read. (I hate reading) I found this guide really useful and somestuff is relly worth trying.

In other words...

Get the guide!


Originally Posted by snakester (Post 167306)
Well overall this guide is probably 3/5 for the more advanced members who gain referrals but for the new guys its 6/5. The reason i say 6 is because he goes into depth about what the programs are and how hard they are to complete. Some of the tactics in here are pretty good but common. I would recommend this guide for the people who want a few quick refs (100-400). If I were skate i would sell it for about $5. $7.50 at the max.

I think I might give a few go's at a few tactics.

Overall buy the guide. Its worth it:thumbs


Originally Posted by Fm Radi (Post 162008)
This guide is well worth 10 bucks. Heck, 10 bucks is a bargain for this thing. It's all original.

Presentation: 4.5/5 Everything was placed correctly, indented paragraphs, everything. He even did a little art in there.

Grammar: 3/5, he did run on a little bit, some stuff I couldn't understand, but I still understood most of it.

Content: 5/5 Everything in here is 100 percent awesome. No complaints about it what so ever.

Time Required: 4/5 No guide is going to work over night, but this one can get you probably 100 refs in a week, at LEAST.

Overall: 4/5 One of the best guides I've ever read.


Originally Posted by mrshappyasthma (Post 177049)
Well since FM Radi decided to steal my unofficially trademarked review format I am just going to list my thoughts. This guide is great for beginners because it lists plenty of tactics to use and also rates them by difficulty. I would NOT recommend this guide to anyone over 100 refs because you probably know most of the tactics and have found a working one. If you are stuck on those refs or just cannot get people to sign up, this guide is a good resource to help you out.

Overall Rating = 3/5

im selling it to 10-15 people and once there all or almost all filled then i will send it to all of you by e-mail because of the whole leakage going around here so hurry!
and you can also reserve the guide but don't wait long Because the others wont like it! And If It Doesn't get you referrals You Get Your Money Back Guarantee!!(Refund Only If Payed With Paypal) But You Have To Try It And Not Buy It And Say "Oh IT Didn't Get ME Referrals
Can I Have My Money Back Then Then Keep The Guide?


1.Shadybuc(paid)-$3.00 paypal
2.Bobby b(paid)-Ebay Gift Certificate
3.Cooldog344(paid)-$3.00 paypal
4.myskateboard12(paid)-$3.00 paypal
5.doubleheman(paid)-$3.00 paypal
6.warlands719(paid)-$3.00 paypal
7.d-nice92(paid)-made a deal
8.stefanunited(paid)-$3.00 paypal
9.cell2971(Paid))-$3.00 Paypal
10.Drummingjack2(Paid)-$3.00 paypal
11.amaztheking(Paid)-$3.00 paypal
12.dale(Paid)-Xboxlive Code
13.Teh Chrisizard(Paid)-$3.00 paypal
14.DeathDog99(Paid)-3 Youtube Videos
15.Patmania(Paid)-$5 Amazon
16.chris213(Paid)-$10 Amazon

Dark Tails 09-26-2008 03:45 PM

do i have to make a long review for the guide? cuz i dont wanna make it long just short

skatemachine 09-26-2008 03:46 PM

make it short if you want

HeLiX 09-26-2008 04:17 PM

Nobody decent reviewed the guide...

skatemachine 09-26-2008 04:19 PM

ok who is decent to you then

mrhappyasthma 09-26-2008 04:19 PM

Thats because I was busy and didn't offer to review it, lol.

skatemachine 09-26-2008 04:23 PM

would you like to review it?

mrhappyasthma 09-26-2008 04:25 PM

Humm, I got nothing better to do. If you want you can send it to me via PM or to my email at (Not an insult to your guide, insult to my life, lol. I got nothing planned this weekend.)

Calecarz 09-26-2008 04:27 PM

I'll test. Many would consider me "decent". PM me for an email.

skatemachine 09-26-2008 04:27 PM

k ill email it!

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