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chungchow 01-09-2011 03:33 AM

New Omegle Tactic
I know, there are a lot of these omegle tactcs to get referrals. If this has already been posted, then an admin can delete it, but it has gotten me around 50 referrals in a iweek. So, on to the tactic...

First, download Fake Webcam at Download the first one as a trial. Then, go in to paint and make something that says something like "Get Free XBOX Live Codes At [Referral Link]. I use for mine because there are no crazy things in the link. After you have saved that in paint, go to the FakeWebcam. Go to the "+" button at the top right. Find your thing that you saved in paint and add it. Then press the "play" button at the top middle of it. Finally, go to omegle, and under where to choose your webcam, choose "fakewebcam".
**Note** Will NOT Work With ChatRoulette, unless you find a different program other than fakewebcam.
Hope this helped.

[EDIT] I am now working on a script for the greasemonkey addon for firefox and scar-div to automatically switch to a new user, so you dont have to sit at your computer changing them manually.

ourlivesuck 01-09-2011 07:25 AM

I Tried This and It kinda Work. Im not sure if hes still trying do do offers but i got 3 people to click the Link

Ronaldinho 01-09-2011 09:39 AM

I have done this, the only problem is, you can't just leave your computer on and leave. You could make a poster saying the same thing, and do chat roulette if you have a real webcam. Thanks though

sheen 01-09-2011 02:42 PM

this my be a good idea ROnaldinho y do you cahnge your avartar and sig like every 5 mins

Ronaldinho 01-09-2011 06:20 PM

I'm keeping mine now, haha. I get bored and I was just looking for a good one, sorry if it bothered you ;D

Max Galleio 01-10-2011 06:43 AM

Good idea sir. Though my artistic skills are that of an autistic 6 year old. I should try omegle again when I get my comp back up. Oh, and some +rep for you ;D

angeldem 01-12-2011 01:50 PM

Does this actually work? Will people go to the URL?

And couldn't you be banned from Omegle for this?

zencius 01-25-2011 11:04 AM

Re:Soon i was there and i saw a d*ck.
I cant say omegle is good tactic,thats because its very annoying ,because you need to talk with peoples like one by one,and it is kinda hard to get active referrals but meaningful it will almost guarantee that you will get a referral.

zencius 02-20-2011 03:55 AM

maybe works sometimes

chungchow 02-20-2011 04:06 AM


Originally Posted by zencius (Post 787809)
maybe works sometimes

don't bump that much.

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