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The Rules
The Rewards1 Community Forums is a place where members can chat and discuss any Rewards1 related topics. Here are a few simple rules to follow:

1. Please be considerate of your language AND your posts. Profanity, inappropriate, abusive and/or offensive language will not be tolerated. Pictures and videos of inappropriate nature will not be tolerated and the same goes for their links.

2. No spamming - this includes, but is not limited to external referral links.

3. Discussion of illegal topics will be banned immediately. This includes credit card info, copyrighted software, running lotteries, etc. Any user found in violation will be instantly banned.

4. No discussion of other GPT sites, period. The only exception we will allow is constructive criticism.

5. Please keep your signature height reasonable. Use a rule of thumb of about 10 lines max and font size 4.

Breaking any of these rules will earn you an infraction for the first offense. Second time you will be banned. Infraction points may be given for any action deemed inappropriate by Rewards1 forum staff without explanation. Extended rules about forum use may be found here

Any and all decisions made by Rewards1 Forum staff is final.

Infraction Points and Bans
Admins and mods will have the option of enforcing forum rules by assigning infraction points. These points will stay on your record for 30 days. If you get 2 infraction points, your account will be banned for 30 days. Serious/severe/repeat offenses may lead to permanent ban of your forum account and your R1 account.

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